2013-2106 Strategic Plan

The Canadian Institute on Diversity and Inclusion (CIDI) published a report titled: What Gets Measured Gets Done“. This report was a call to action for organizations to create performance metrics that ensured their diversity programs delivered on their commitments to fostering inclusive workforces.

The same concept applies to all areas of organizational operations including board efforts in delivering its goals. This is the basis for the TAD 2013-2016 Strategic Plan, to which consists for the following goals:


Goal #1:   Establish and build TAD membership base.

Goal #2:   Increase TAD profile to attract new members, customers, donors, funders and elected representatives.

Goal #3:   Establish TAD Nomination Committee to identify, recruit, and train new TAD Board members with a set of skills that will increase the effectiveness of board governance and support TAD operations.

Goal #4:   Hire part-time Executive Director of Toronto Association of the Deaf.

Goal #5:   Develop and implement TAD business plans that strengthen TAD infrastructure to partner with key stakeholders.

Goal #6:   Improve TAD’s internet presence to support and strengthen TAD’s public relations activities.

Goal #7:   Establish TAD Centre by seeking and renting or purchasing TAD building.

Updates on these goals have been provided at the 2014 and 2015 AGMs and a summary will be provided during the AGM for 2016.