TAD’s History

The Toronto Association of the Deaf (TAD) was incorporated in 1937 as a non-profit clubhouse that facilitated social and sports activities in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA).

TAD’s origins goes back to 1929 when it known as the Silent Athletic Club and held meetings above a second hand store on Church Street in Toronto.

From the start, TAD has a strong team presence on the Canadian sports landscape and participated in various sports tournaments across Ontario.

The former TAD ClubhouseDuring the 1980’s, TAD operated out of a club house located at Howard Park Avenue and Dundas Avenue West on the west end of  (old) Toronto. This base had a bar, kitchen, lounge and general meeting area, which was made possible through a grant provided by the Ontario Lottery Corporation.

After an 11 year run, the recession of the 1990s made operating a clubhouse cost prohibitive and, like many other similar organizations, TAD was sell the clubhouse and place the funds in an investment account, to which is earmarked for opening a community sometime in the future.

Nevertheless, many deaf people in the GTA have fond memories of the clubhouse, which was a place that they could call their ‘home away from home’.

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